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Our Story



Uncle Pete’s was dreamed into existence in 2003 as a pizza delivery shop. Young(ish) chef Aaron Buckley had spent the previous 10 years abroad and upon his return home was shocked at the standard of pizzas the good folks of Cork had to eat!


So with a fiery determination he set about righting that terrible wrong and vowed to bring great tasting ‘real’ food to the Irish people. He read loads of books and travelled up and down Italy and then for good measure had a crack off trying some of the finest pizzerias in the USA too.


Knowing how independent his fellow Corkonians were he decided to make a pizza special for them and after much experimenting Aaron finally settled on a blend of a thin pastry like base, a rich garlic tomato sauce and variety of fresh local toppings.


After that all he had to do was name the place and what better way than to call it after his absolute most favourite relative in the world Uncle Pete from California!


Italian American Pete Tarantino had passed away in 2001 after a life full of love and generosity and Aaron could come up with no more fitting tribute than to name this new business after him


Fast forward 10 years and a move into the city centre and there are now two Uncle Pete’s in Cork, a takeaway and delivery shop on Popes Quay and a cute little restaurant on Paul St.


In both places the same high standards are set, the finest ingredients are used and the flavours are bold and fresh. No food leaves the Uncle Pete’s kitchens that we wouldn’t eat ourselves.


If you haven’t tried us yet by all means give us a go. Come hungry and we promise we will do our best that you leave happy!


Uncle Pete’s Pizzerias – because life is too short for average food.


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